Flair by pernia

Fashion styles.. Trends..

We all agree, can be a little too much to stay on

Top of.

We have to be able to express ourselves for who we truly are and there is no doubt that our clothes define us and resonate with who we are.. Our clothes create a statement:

Flair promises to bring you the best of fashion, styles and trends.. Combining modern fashion

With comfort.

Flair is a marriage between vintage and modern fashion. Our range will be casual, comfortable

And timeless.

So get ready to show your flair!

About the designer

What is happiness? One of the most critical questions asked

Since ancient times.

Simply put, happiness is a contribution towards others, benefitting and thinking of others. We are the happiest when

We can make the ones around us smile.

This couldn’t be more true, and that’s the reason behind flair.

Pernia sardar started flair in 2020 with one goal in mind.. Helping you look your best; day in and day out, creating timeless fashion that stands out, affordable and unique styles that help you make a statement everyday and making

You smile!

We have started from humble beginnings and stayed true to our roots. Our customers are family to us, and your happiness is the most important to flair. We celebrate women of all sizes and are here to help you look your

Absolute best!

So do join our family and fall in love naturally.

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